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Unit 1 Sim 3 Set 1  




I was messing around with Unit 1, Sim 3, Set 1. My water never really turned into gas. Additionally, when I tried to cool it down to turn it into ice right after heating, my temp stayed at 100 C after 4 mins of cooling.

Is this an issue on my end?

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Hi, Binh,

The issue is the volume of water in Sim 3-it takes about 6 minutes to boil. I just tested Unit 1: Simulation 1, Set 1, and it is much quicker with less water. At Heat Level 5, the water vaporized to a gas over about 3minutes and then proceeded to increase in temperature until it capped at 120 C. At Heat Level -5, it returned to a liquid about 3 minutes later. The factor driving the specific heat was set to give students an idea how how long it can actually take for water to change phase. Do you feel this is too long?



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