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Data table used same element twice; doesn't match simulation  



The numbers for Unit 9, Sim 2, Uranium Trial 2 don't work out when the atom splits. I think one product is supposed to be cesium and the other should be rubidium, but they both have atomic number 55 in the data table. It's weird because the simulation shows one atom is clearly bigger than the other so I think the data table just used the same element twice.

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Thanks for bringing this up! The trial you're referring to is a direct reproduction of the Java sim of the same material:

Here's a screenshot of this activity. You can see that this sim also uses dissimilar nuclei glyphs as well, so if this is causing confusion we can consider a redesign of the reaction to not lead students to incorrect takeaways from the learning activity.

I will also put a note for the curriculum team to double check that these are viable nucleotide products of this particular fission reaction.

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